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Exporting Chinese Hot Sale Green Lentils,Red Lentils for Health,Chinese Green Lentils

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Lentil Beans Good Sale

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Product Type: Lentil

Style: Dried

Drying Process: AD

Packaging: bag

Cultivation Type: Common

Shelf Life: 12month

Place of Origin:China(Mainland)

Color: Green

Lentils (scientific name: Lablab purpureus (Linn.) Sweet), common name Bian beans, perennial, twining vine.Whole plant a few glabrous, stem can be up to 6 meters long, often with pale purple.Pinnate 3 lobules;The leaf base, lanceolate;Small stipule linear;Lobular wide triangular ovate, 6-10 cm long, wide, etc., and looks on both sides of the lateral lobule range is big, oblique, apex acute or acuminate, base nearly flattened.Raceme erect;Bracts 2, suborbicular;At most 2 flowers clusters on each section;Calyx bell-shaped, ca. 6 mm long, 2 above the cracked tooth several completely connation, below three nearly equal;Corolla white or purple, flag rounded, base on both sides of the little subsidiary bodies of the two long, erect, underlying body have two ears. Petals obovate, wide, flattened the ear, the keel is right-angle bend, base narrow into concave;Ovary linear, glabrous, style longer than ovary, bend is not more than 90 °, flat on one side, near the top of coat.Pods oblong-elliptic sickle, 5-7 cm long, near the top of the wide, among straight or slightly curved, apex with a curved beak, base gradually narrow;Seeds 3 to 5 star, flat, long elliptic, white in the white flower varieties, purple in alfalfa varieties, hilum linear, about 2/5 of the seed around.4 - December flowering.
The tropical and subtropical regions of the world are all in cultivation and lentils, flowers are red and white two kinds of legume have green and white, light green, pink or purple color.Tender pod for foods, white flowers and white seeds used as a medicine, is conducive to the origin of removing gas, heat spleen anti-diarrhea effect, lentils and significant retreat the role of tumor at the same time.

Product Categorie : Bonen > Linzen

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